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Unlimited online, offline and mobile access to expertly created courses on over 50 Autodesk products, including Autodesk Certification Prep Courses.

Individualised Learning

Experiences that lead to better onboarding and upskilling with goals based on roles and responsibilities.
Minimise time. Maximise retention.


Purpose-built tools lead to measurable outcomes and improve workflows, processes and best practices.
Curated performance improvement.

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Lessons are atomised, focusing on just one task that is immediately actionable, leading to better knowledge retention.
Building blocks for targeted learning.

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Increasing Productivity

Technology is changing fast. Is your learning program keeping up?

Success should be measured by the outcomes you achieve, not the boxes you check off. Answers should be immediate and provided in the language that the user is most comfortable working in. And you should expect real-time, targeted performance support.

So, how do we get there?

Read on to discover seven ways that our content keeps your employees focused, productive, and billable.

7 Ways to be More Productive

Helping you get more done with the tools to:

1.  Generate targeted assessments to identify knowledge gaps

If your company has decided to change the way it creates parameters in Revit, what is the most effective way to onboard your employees to the new process? Rather than combing through 800+ lessons, you can simply build a playlist that aligns with the new workflow.

2.  Upload custom content

The custom content tools give you everything you need to create courses and assessments, as well as upload documents and add links. No more silos between your content, best practices and formal procedures! Just one single source of truth for learning and documentation.

3.  Build the most qualified teams

The team you choose can make or break a project. So, why do we so often leave job assignments to guesswork? With our patent-pending project placement algorithms, we can help you to leverage cold-hard data and quantifiable metrics to automatically identify the most qualified employees for the job.

4.  View in-application contextual lesson suggestions

The Plugin monitors the commands you are using in real-time and instantly updates to provide relevant content just when you need it.

5.  Get immediate natural language answers

The AI expert keeps your employees focused and billable by automatically pulling answers and relevant content from a database of thousands of  videos and questions, as well as from your custom answers.

6.  Translate content into more than 60 languages

Course content is available in more than 60 languages.  Your portal and landing pages can be customised so that they can be automatically translated in one click! Now, your teams can learn in the languages that they are most comfortable using and your custom courses and workflows can easily be distributed worldwide.

7.  Leverage powerful data and analytics

If you want to know how many employees viewed a lesson or find out how somebody scored on an assessment, we have you covered. But, what really sets us apart from the crowd are our in-depth analytics.

We can show you, at a glance, which commands are giving your teams trouble, which competencies need improvement, and which product versions are used most.  You can integrate your analytics into the reporting tool of your choice, including Excel, Power BI and Tableau.



Just some examples of how E-Learning has helped to solve business challenges

  • Custom courses and assessments resulted in higher engagement

    A manager from a large engineering firm came to us for some help. They had previously implemented a traditional eLearning system without any results. Understandably, management was soured by that experience and didn’t think that any online learning could be helpful. The manager, however, had used us before and knew that we could prove the rest of the executive team wrong. So, we worked with the manager to build out custom courses and assessments that aligned with workflows and best practices. We asked a pilot group of users to take the assessment before viewing any content, then watch just the content specific to their skills and knowledge gaps, then take the assessment again. Breaking free from the one-size-fits-all method they had in the past, the firm reported higher engagement. But more impressively, we found that after watching just 8 hours of content, assessment results improved by an impressive 42%.

  • Custom playlists of FAQS helped to reduce time spent answering the same questions

    A VP-level executive from a large corporation that provides services to building systems came to us because he was spending an average of three entire afternoons answering the same few questions over and over again, and he wanted that time back. We asked him to bring us a list of these questions that were sucking up all of his time, and our experts worked with him to align custom playlists to each of the FAQs that were consistent with their best practices and procedures. We also worked on a company-wide engagement plan to ensure that all users knew how to access the playlists and find the answers that they needed. Now, before an employee is allowed to email the executive, they are required to review the relevant playlists. By providing targeted information to his employees, the executive is now able to focus on company-specific challenges and higher value pieces. After having the new program in place for a few months, the executive reported that he was able to free up an average of ten hours a week.

  • Custom videos highlighting best practices and workflows improved the helpfulness score on a customer-facing support site

    A client came to us for help with their customer-facing support site, which included a number of videos created by other video producers. Together, we created a series of custom videos that highlighted their best practices and workflows. The client monitors a number of metrics, including a customer helpfulness score. While the average helpfulness score on their website from other vendors’ content was just 45%, the content we developed and deployed averaged a helpfulness score of more than 90%.

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