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What our customers say

Just a few of the great comments we have received

  • The trainer was extremely informative, helpful and enthusiastic.

    Really enjoyed the 3 day course – the trainer was extremely informative, helpful and enthusiastic. Venue and software was spot on too.  Covered lots of applicable information and I learnt a lot. Really good 3 days in showing what the software was capable in and can further expand in my own time.

    Harry Shrive Mott MacDonald

  • The trainer was able to adapt quickly to our requests.

    We are a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering company, specialising in the design, supply, installation and operation and maintenance of district heating networks and energy centres. Prior to working with Cadline we use to encounter problems with project coordination and time taken to understand the projects due to them being draughted in 2D.

    Cadline has shown us, not just how the Plant 3D software worked, but also related it to the kind of business that we are in. We received tuition in understanding the power of the database and the ease with which items such as Schedules could be produced.

    During the training it became obvious that we wanted to explore one part of the software in more depth, and the trainer was able to adapt quickly to our requests.

    Ian Spencer Senior Engineer

  • Cadline’s training provision is excellent

    Cadline’s training provision is excellent. The venue was accessible and the facilities good. The pace of the course was excellent and the trainer’s style was great in helping us remember everything we were taught. Having provided some of our models upfront, it was very impressive on day 2 to see what the trainer had done to help with our iLogic requirement. He condensed what was multiple assemblies into one fully configured iLogic model. We went through the whole approach of making the iLogic assembly, configuring the individual parts, making them iLogic and incorporating it into the main assembly. Each step was fully explained, with depth and reasoning behind the approach. This really counted for a lot. To have a template to reference when continuing to iLogic more of our product range is invaluable.

    Mark Bowditch Design Engineer

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